RDN Associates has been building and maintaining websites for Connecticut companies since 1996
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SEO services are provided to RDN Associates' website clients
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RDN Associates provides on-going website update and modification services.
Website Support
RDN Associates provides on-going website update and modification services.
Website Consulting
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Website consultations are conducted (1) to answer your questions about building a new website or modifying an existing site and (2) to convince you that RDN Associates is the best website provider for you.

To that end, our complete consultation process encompasses . . .

  • Collection of information about your business, your target market and your competition
  • Development of a website strategy geared to the needs and expectations of your audience and nature of your competition
  • Outlining topic and content of each website screen (sometimes referred to as Information Architecture)
  • Preparing a comprehensive, written proposal

RDN Associates offers, without charge, a basic telephone consultation of up to one hour.

Consultations conducted in your place of business or in our office can also be arranged.

Our discussion with you will be more effective when we've had an opportunity to review your current website, websites of your competition and domain name registry information. For this reason, we ask that you complete and submit the brief questionnaire below.

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Business Name:

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Current Website:

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