What is a WEBSITE?

Simply put, a website is a document (consisting of text, images, data, animation, video, audio, and links to other websites) that has been placed on a computer which is accessible by every computer in the world.

To have a website, you must have:

Business websites are purposed either as a brochure or as a store.


The most common use of a website is as an electronic BROCHURE, a means to promote your product or service to a local, regional, national or international audience.

The goal of a BROCHURE SITE is to motivate customers to e-mail, call or come to your place of business.

Unlike a printed brochure, content of a BROCHURE SITE can be modified frequently, "copies" can be obtained 24/7 without replication, distribution or handling cost. A good brochure site answers your customer's question all day, every day without taking a break, a vacation or a sick day.


The second-most frequent use of a website is as a "virtual" STORE.

The goal of this site is to close a transaction.

Because a website can be seen from a computer anyplace in the world, it significantly expands the reach of your sales message. Your website can show and SELL your product with static images, 3D animations or video. And most importantly, you can close a transaction for the product by accepting an order and payment...any time, any day of the week.


A website can also be used for...
  • distribution of blank interative as well as static forms
  • receiving forms on-line instead of in-person, by mail or fax
  • archiving and accessing documents (e.g. minutes of meetings, back issues of newsletters