What is a DOMAIN?

DOMAIN NAME is the name you give your website. EXAMPLE: In the URL http://www.RDNAssociates.com "RDNAssociates" is the DOMAIN NAME. You can't have a DOMAIN NAME without a DOMAIN.

The DOMAIN, more properly referred to as TLD (Top Level Domain), is the domain category to which your DOMAIN NAME belongs and appears after your domain name. EXAMPLE: .COM, .NET, .ORG

".COM" represents the word "commercial" and is the most widely used extension in the world. As a result, the .COM part of a website's URL is intuitive, it's assumed.

With some restrictions, anyone can register a domain name on a first-come basis, subject to a limit on the number of characters in the name, with payment of an annual fee per domain name per top level domain.

Some website owners have multiple alternative domain names pointing (as a simple FORWARD or an ALIAS) to a single website...the domain names HorizonsMagazines.com, WAMHorizons.com, and CoventryMonthly.com all bring the visitor to the same website.

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