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RDN Associates provides on-going website update and modification services.
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RDN Associates offers three services to drive traffic to your website from the search engines.


There are thousands of search engines, many of which are specific to a single country.

In the U.S., only four search engines account for 97% of all web searches, ergo only worry about those four...in descending order of current influence1.

  • Google: 81%
  • Yahoo (technically a directory): 10%
  • MSN (Search + Live): 4%
  • AOL Search: 2%

RDN Associates registers your website with the top search engines as soon as you approve your website to go live.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the ART of maximizing the value of your website for indexing by search engine website robots.

An "art" because SEO is like casino gambling where every table has its own rules and those rules change with each dealer and if you violate the rules, you may be thrown out or even blackballed. The goal is to beat all of the other players. But like every game of chance, even playing by the rules doesn't mean that you'll win.

The lead article published in 1/9/09 edition of SEO News observed, "... there are an estimated 200 individual elements that are calculated in the SE relevancy ranking algorithms. Every one of these you can get right improves your chances of attaining your full ranking potential. Individually, each element offers incremental albeit small gains, but collectively, they can add up to the winníng difference in the ranking stakes for competitive search terms. . . . [here are some of] the most prominent..."

  • Off page titles (deemed the "...single most important on-site page SEO element...")
  • Search engine friendly URL's and image file names
  • Meta (keyword & description), Alt, Title, Summary and Anchor tags
  • Quality and quantity of in-bound links (links from other websites, not considered "link farms", to your site)
  • Frequnecy of key word use in content
  • Presence of a Google-compatible sitemap

RDN Associates can ensure that these and other sound SEO practices are reflected by your website.


When you decide that search engine registation and SEO efforts have not achieved the desired rank organically (first page is a good place to start), RDN Associates can implement a pay-per-click program via Google, Yahoo or both.

When you see "sponsored links" or "sponsors" at the top or to the right of your search results, you are looking at listings achieved by pay-per-click.

With pay-per-click, you pay [the search engine] every time somebody clicks on a sponsored link to your website. RDN Associates will set up and manage your pay-per-click program. We begin the process by making a list of words and phrases that you believe people would use to search for your product or service. We then establish an account for your website, set bid and total cost limits. After the first week or so, we analyze website traffic changes, number of impressions and actual clicks achieved by each key word, and ranking of your listing relative to that of your competion. We will then recommend adjustment of bids, expense limits, days and times during which we are competing for position or suspension of the program altogether.

The cost per click can range from ten cents to several dollars depending upon the number of competitors and the limit you establish for each key word or phrase.

A pay-per-click program can immediately and substantially increase the number of visitors to your website, partricularly when your website is new.

1 http://marketshare.hitslink.com/

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