RDN Associates has been building and maintaining websites for Connecticut companies since 1996.
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RDN Associates provides on-going website update and modification services.
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RDN Associates provides on-going website update and modification services.
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Owning a new website is a bit like owning a new house.

Sure, when you built it, it was exactly what you wanted, what you needed and what you could afford. But things change. The family grows and you add-on. Styles change and you repaint, redecorate, or move walls. And circumstances beyond your control, like escalating energy costs, lead to upgrading appliances and replacing heating systems.

Likewise, your website is tailored to today's need and today's budget. But as your business evolves and your products and services and target market change, your website should evolve as well. On-going advances in computer and internet speeds, screen sizes & resolutions, increasing use of mobile devices (like iPhone) for accessing the web and shifting cultural tastes drive a need to periodically redecorate your website. And remaining compatible with the latest web browser editions and internet security enhancements may all for modifications or replacement of elements used by your website.

Having RDN Associates as your website services company is like living next door to the carpenter who built your house. When you want to "add-on", we already know your website. When you need to "redecorate", we're already familiar with your business, market and goals. And if outside forces threaten to disrupt the smooth operation of your website, we usually already have a solution.

When you need website support, we're here. If away from the phone when you call, we usually get back to you within a couple hours (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and we respond to e-mails 7-days-a-week.

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